Ford Raptor Yeti Rambler 30oz or Kryo Gear Insulated Tumbler-Powder Coated-Look!

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You are viewing an authentic and brand new YETI Rambler Tumbler with the standard Yeti lid.  A 30oz Yeti Rambler is shown in Gray. The Red, Blue and Matte Black are Kryo Gear, but can be made in the Yeti Rambler as well. Please use the drop down menu located under "Options" for sizes, brands and pricing. 

Ford Raptor SVT Yeti or Kryo Gear Cup

Splash Proof Lids are now available for 30oz tumblers! These lids are not manufactured by YETI but will fit a 30oz tumbler perfectly!

 Yeti straw with straw lids are now available for purchase with your 20 and 30oz tumblers! 

 Each insulated Yeti Rambler has been professionally powder coated and cured. The finish is extremely durable. However, it still must be handled appropriately. If dropped or scraped against other objects, it can scratch or chip. Any and all sports logos, names or monograms are custom made from a commercial quality, die cut vinyl. They are weather resistant. However, some sunscreens, perfumes, certain lotions or other products containing a solvent can damage the ink of the logo. Not for dishwasher, freezer or microwave use. Hand wash only. Due to the nature of these items, no returns will be accepted.