Custom Seafoam Yeti Rambler Lowball 10oz with Yeti lid!

Regular price $ 29.99

You are viewing an authentic and brand new, YETI Rambler Low Ball 10oz, with Yeti accessory lid. The high demand, stainless insulated cup from Yeti. Made of dual lined stainless steel, this cup is great for small cold drinks or hot coffee and tea. It keeps your hands the temperature they need to stay while keeping your drink as hot or cold as it was intended! We have taken the wonderful technology of YETI and improved upon it by customizing it to a more personal reflection of the owner!!  This item has been custom wrapped in a commercial grade, heat transfer vinyl,  and a die cut, vinyl logo. Each material is extremely durable, and is most commonly found used on emergency or delivery type vehicles. While it is made to withstand the weather, it is not intended for dishwasher or freezer use. Hand wash only.  

We recommend Priority Shipping and Insurance to make sure your items arrive safely. We will not be responsible for items damaged in shipment. Due to the nature of this item, we cannot accept returns.